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Smartphones are powerful and expensive devices. It is a great tool that improves your way of life. There are helpful applications that can make you more productive. Smartphones are indeed wonderful. However, it has also become a target of thieves. Once your smartphone gets stolen, there are a lot of horrible things that can happen to you. Protect yourself from harm by outsmarting smartphone thieves with these 5 ways.


Be vigilant whenever you use your phone

Most phones get stolen when users are not aware of their surroundings. If you choose to use your phone in public, always be vigilant. Check if there is someone suspicious lurking around. Also, use your phone discreetly so as not to attract thieves.


Write down important numbers

Mobile devices have a unique number that is assigned to each device. Make sure you know your phone’s serial number, model number, and IMEI number. The International Mobile Equipment Identifier is a unique identification number that is usually asked by the police when your phone gets stolen or is lost. Make sure you take note of this number and have it ready when necessary.


Download apps for tracking

There is a wide range of applications available that can help you track your phone. These apps are very important as these apps can locate your phone whenever it gets lost. Furthermore, some of these apps have other features such as remotely deleting phone information other than tracking it.


Use passwords as initial protection

As a means of protection, use the password feature of your smartphone. This will make it difficult for thieves to access your information. There are also apps available that allow you to put a pass code to your important files such as photos. Putting a pass code will buy you time as you try to locate your phone. It will also make the smartphone useless for thieves since they cannot access it and they cannot delete identifying information easily.

Every now and then, a new model of smartphone gets released. Different manufacturers are trying to outdo each other with each phone release. Like ordinary consumers, thieves would also want to have the latest device. Settling for an older model of smartphone will make thieves snub your phone.

Smartphones are very important devices. It gets updated every now and then. Its price also increases as manufacturers try to improve their product lines. As it becomes expensive, it also becomes the favorite target of thieves. You can’t really stop thieves from stealing your smartphone. However, you can outsmart them. Be intelligent and always secure your phone. This will not only make you sleep better at night, but it will also bring headaches to thieves in the rare chance that your phone gets stolen.

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Dating is supposed to be fun. However, there are times that it can be as horrible as a bad movie. What makes the date unexciting and not worthy of your time is your lack of interest in the other person . A bad date is a scenario that you want to get out of right away. So how do you get out of a bad date without being rude to the other person? Here are 3 tips that will give you an idea on how to ditch your partner without them knowing that you are actually ditching them.

An escape option is usually a friend you have asked to become an insurance in case you have a bad date. Tell him or her about the details of your date and what he or she should do in case you want to get out of the situation. If you have a bad date, text your friend that you need help and ask her to call after ten minutes. Pick up your phone in front of your date and pretend that you have received devastating news and you need to leave. Get a cab and leave immediately. Don’t look back and leave your bad date behind.


End the date as quick as possible

End the date quickly if you think it is a bad one. Don’t try to involve yourself into long conversations in which you are not interested. If you are having dinner, pass up the dessert part. You can also reason out that you need to go home early because there is something important that you need to do the next day. It can be a presentation for work, a visit to your mother, or a date with your best friend.


Show your date you are not interested

If your date really insists that you stay longer, then show him or her that you are not interested. You can do things that will turn your date off. You can start texting during the course of the date. Better more, you can talk a lot about yourself. You can talk about your past relationships and how you wish you will find someone like your ex. These things will not only make your current date disinterested, but will also make them assume you are not their perfect match. You don’t only end the date quickly, but you also won’t be invited for another date.

There are times that you get to date people who are really not your match. This will make the date uninteresting and even boring. When facing this dilemma, it is best that you get out as quickly as possible. Use these tips and getting out of a bad first date will be a breeze.

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Now that springtime is here again, it’s also time for your finances to get all cleaned up, as well. You can get the job done by organizing your money well. But if that alone cannot help you with the situation, here are three musts for you to follow to tune-up your finances and give your financial position a boost.


Regularly update your Automatic Retirement Account Contributions

This might be one of the most effective ways you can save up for retirement. Since you are consistently contributing to your retirement fund, you are able to save a great deal of money even when your paycheck is not that large. To maximize your benefits, take time to review and update your deposits. Say, you might have received a raise this year but it did not increase the amount that was deposited to your retirement fund. Do something about it and raise your deposits gradually but accordingly. You can stick to the rule of thumb with retirement saving which is 10% to 20% of your income. This will help you keep those savings go smoothly. Just a heads-up, though: remember not to exceed the maximum contribution in a year for your account.


Make a credit report request

You should already be regularly requesting for your credit report every year. There are a lot of sites where you can make the request for free; however, make sure that these are authorized and credible services before you rely on any erroneous information in the future. You have to make it a point that the information in your credit report is as accurate as possible. You don’t want to be managing your finances wrongly in the first place. If you notice anything suspicious, you might be in for an identity theft issue – all the more you should be regularly checking out your credit report. This way, you can also correct errors immediately.


Get your beneficiaries right

Make it a point that you are constantly updating your Beneficiary Designations, as well – may it be from your insurance policies, annuities, or retirement accounts. Upon your death, the funds in your accounts will go directly to the person whom you named as your beneficiary. It is crucial that you choose the right persons, though – family members are preferable. Avoid assigning it to people you are not related to, even your closest friends or perhaps, your ex-boyfriends. You might be experiencing problems in the future.

Improving your finances should always start with the basics – saving for retirement, reviewing your credit reports, and the likes. Although it may look that simple, you should always think broader with regard to your financial plans. Follow these three tips, and starting anew with your finances will just go by smoothly.

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“Create Your Own Spiderweb “

Networking is a powerful tool to connect with other people regardless of your intention. People who are into sales use this tool a lot more because they have more opportunities that their products will be seen by other people especially like friends of friends and friends of relatives. It is also used in the social arena like Facebook and Skillpages, for the purpose of letting social friends see your ads or your resume. It is the world of the extroverts but the introverts need not be left behind because networking can be learned, with the right heart and mind.

Hand a business person who is willing to make a deal

“Be willing to help someone in need”

The willingness to help someone in need has nothing to do with introversion. If you have the heart to help, it does not matter what you think others may think of you, which is often the concern of the introverts. Being shy is often a result of pride. If someone is in need and you can help, do not just stand there and look. Move! Genuine help goes a long way. Even if you do not intend to network, it will naturally happen because of your good works.


Be a people person

A people person is someone who cares about people, not on material things. Put yourself in the shoes of the person in need. How do you want someone else to deal with you? What you want others do to you, do also to others. You want others to be interested with you, what you say, what you do, your dreams and interests. You then should also be interested with other people. Esteem others better than yourself and you will never go wrong. You will make ways to be able to help others despite the difficulty or inconvenience. If you are a people person, people will flock to you naturally. They will be part of your network without making the effort to network.


Be willing to learn by asking the right questions

There are people who know things by reading or listening to other people. Others do by asking questions. If you are not a genius, you will be able to get what you want to know by asking the right questions. Knowing or knowledge is power. You get answers if you ask questions. You get the answers you are looking for only if you ask the right questions. By doing so, you get to learn. Continuously learn because learning knows no age limit. When somebody asks you, and you know the answer, you get more opportunities to help other people.


More and more people see the power of networking because more people get to see what they are offering, whether for sale or for service rendering. Despite introversion, you can truly be a networker when you have the heart to help people, you care about people and you are willing to learn by asking the right questions.

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Cancer is a deadly disease. It’s like death knocking right at your door. Endless pain and suffering – that’s what it definitely brings. A lot of people have died because of cancer and most of the time; they take place without the person knowing. It causes a lot of sudden deaths. All along you think you’re healthy enough until you visit your doctor and find out that you are on the final stage of cancer and only have a few months to live. It seems to be a hopeless case for many despite the rumors that the rise of a new treatment has begun. Still, even unto this day, people are afraid of the possibility that it might be silently crawling in their body system.

In spite the fact that cancer is a horrible disease, there is no reason to feel hopeless of this life already. There are still a lot of ways that will help you prevent suffering from this problem. One of the best ways is by eating the following food:



Whether you have it as a whole seed, in a ground form or even oil, it doesn’t matter. It’s still very helpful! It contains omega-3 that creates a protection against cancer cells. It also has lignans and fibre which could help more in protecting you from being contaminated with cancer. You can make this a yummy treat by mixing it with your favorite smoothie or even on your yogurt. That would make it taste even better.



People used to dislike eating garlic but knowing that it helps a lot in cancer prevention, it’s like the world just turned upside down all of a sudden. Garlic is a very rich source of allium which is a very good compound in fighting off cancer. It is also known that garlic’s relatives such as onions and leeks slow down the growth of tumors and actually helps prevent breast cancer. There’s a lot of benefits on this one no matter how odd tasting they are.



It’s one of the most popular or well-known food for preventing cancer. It’s the most highly recommended cancer fighter that there is. It has polyphenol-anellagic acid and anti oxidant components that would definitely protect you from cancer. It’s also very delicious and very good for your diet.



This not so rare but very delicious fish does a lot of help in cancer prevention. It’s a rich source of omega-3, vitamin D and b12. It’s known to contain nutrients that help your body regulate cell growth which will help prevent cancer.

These foods are not hard to find and do not require any type of sacrifice on your part to intake. So who says it’s a hopeless case when you have all these for help?

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